You Are Blessed, Yes You!

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I have often observed people who are always complaining. Despite having a whole lot of things, we are never thankful, never grateful. But of course we never forget to ask for more.  Why are we so unsatisfied? Why are we always complaining about something or the other? Why are we busy counting our problems?

I agree all of us don’t have the best of everything, and neither it’s practically possible! But does that mean for demanding more and more, we should forget what we have. When stuck in problems we never forget to pray to god, but then what great change happens that we forget him afterwards. Why we always have a checklist prepared for all the things we don’t have, but not a single account of what the almighty has given us without even asking. We have tears to cry and howl for things we don’t possess but not even a single word of thanks for the priceless things he has provided us with.

We all are mad for votives and votive offerings. But if you really want to thank him feel grateful for the things you have. Feel thankful for this amazing life, the dazzling environment and the boon of nature. We all feel someone or the other possesses more than we do, but don’t forget there are people who even don’t have the necessities of life.

You are blessed with a blessing named life!

You are blessed with a blessing named life!

 Life itself is a blessing in disguise!

Every morning feel blessed as you are alive, because someone somewhere is fighting for his survival. You often feel discontented with your job and job profile, rather feel blessed as there are several who are jobless, and fighting each day for getting one. You wish for a 3bhk but there is someone who has no shelter, you want the best of clothes from Zara and there is someone who is living on rags. So please my friend, stop being so demanding and start feeling blessed.

The thing is that we all are blessed in one or the other way; we just need to realize this. And the day we really realize this we will find ourselves actually contented. So feel blessed and believe me this is the best way to thank god.

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A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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