White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques

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White Hat SEO techniques are the ones that not just completely obey the Guidelines by Search Engines but also focus on the users. On the other hand, Black HAT SEO techniques just blindly focus on Search Engine’s Crawlers.


Black Hat SEO Techniques:

  • Hidden Content with Keyword Stuffing: In this technique, a significant part of content which is stuffed with Keywords is hidden from the user, but available for the crawler.
  • Keyword Stuffing in META: Meta Title & Meta Description present under the head tag of the page are stuffed with Keywords that even notify Crawlers about spamming.
  • Link Farming: If you spam your links around everywhere without any relevancy, it is referred as Link Farming. These links will not provide you with traffic but will definitely put your website in a huge contender ship of being penalized heavily by search engines.
  • Gateway Pages or Doorway Pages: These are pages created just for search engines, not the users. They are fake pages stuffed with content & are highly optimized for limited keywords that link to a target landing page. Users never see these pages because they are automatically redirected to the target page.

BlacK Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO @ Entwined Allusions

White Hat SEO Techniques:

  • Informational Content: Google loves informational content. They work on understanding the user requirements & even intentions these days. If you provide useful content to the users, Google ranks you better.
  • META Title & Description: Though Search Engines don’t consider Meta Description as a ranking parameter, I believe it’s still a necessary block to fulfill in a correct manner. As even if Google ranks you higher, users do read the description prior to opening up the page. Thus, the description should give a brief of what content lies on the page user is about to land.
  • Keyword Research & its use to the best: Keyword Research is a never ending process. As the market changes, as new services are listed on your portal, as the search trend changes you need to be right on track with Keyword research. Of course, primarily you must have a deeper understanding of your business. Keyword densities should ideally be ranging from 2-2.5%.
  • Internal Linking: Passing the page value or the link juice from one page to another on your own website is referred as Internal Linking. Works wonders to boost up your keywords ranking.

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