What keeps Apple afloat in Smartphone market!!

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iPhones are not the among the smartphoes which have the most high end specs nor are they the slimmest/lightest in the market, nor are they the ones with longest battery lives. On the contrary they are much more fragile than any other device in their price bracket.
So what are the factors that are still managing to keep Apple as a major player in the high-end Smartphone market??

First and the most obvious one is it’s exceptionally loyal fan base. No other electronic brand enjoys such devoted fan following and it’s pretty much evident by the pre-orders Apple receives just as soon as it announces its upcoming flagship.

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Other factor is its brand value, (just as once my friend rightly observed that iPhone is the Lamborghini of Smartphone market, ‘AN EXCEPTIONAL HEAD-TURNER’)

Now, these factors are only enough to keep a brand name in vogue for a limited amount of time, so there must be other factors which keep Apple as a brand name buoyant through thick and thin!!
Of course there are other factors also!!

To name a few:-

  1. Its truly amazing ecosystem. It is smooth and simple. Even as iPhones don’t boast the most cutting edge specs, it is their operating system i.e., IOS that keep its snappy.
    So if you are hooked Apple’s ecosystem,there is a very slim chance that you will even want change.
  2. ITunes
    This online music store owned by apple has undoubtedly the most vivid music collection to choose from. And as it is only available in iPhones (among Smartphone), this contributes to the demand for iPhones.
  3. Parts designed for one-another.
    Apple is probably the only brand in the Smartphone market that gives so much attention to the fact that how each component inside the phone complements each other. Needless to say all this effort culminates in iPhones having the most efficient batteries.

Off late the competition has been really tough for Apple.
Samsung has taken over it as the market leader in high-end Smartphone market.
But this is a brand that always manages to evoke a feeling that ‘The Next Big Thing’ is just around the corner!!


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