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Throughout our lives we are in some kind of race with time. Whatever time we mange out of our work life we let it for family, friends, social gatherings, etc. Basically, we give time to everyone, but not only to ourselves. May be, in our lives we give more importance to “we” and “you” than “me” and “I”.

You must have heard “time is life”. This simply means that to whomsoever we lend our time, we lend a portion of our life to them. Don’t we have any right on our own life? Of course, we do! Then we too deserve a part of our time for our ownselves.

Throughout our lives, we give most of our time to those who don’t even understand our needs. This is especially for the women in our society. Most of them let go their whole life for their family and customs.  Come on, you need to understand that prioritizing yourself is not selfishness! It is rather a necessity!

Come on, you deserve it!

Come on, you deserve it!

Get some time out!

No matter how busy you are, you can manage half an hour for yourself. Go out for a short walk. Or make yourself a cup of coffee and seat yourself at terrace or lawn. Talk to yourself, listen slow and soft music. If you manage to get free time or on weekends you can arrange yourself some spa appointments, go for recreation, try out yoga or whatever you like.

What’s the use of life, if you don’t live a part for yourself! There is nothing wrong in loving yourself. You need to pamper yourself and realize your individuality, your own existence. Let some time out of this busy world and design a world of yourself, where there are lots of secrets, lots of happiness. Where there’s time to know the “I”.

Life is a one time opportunity; let your heart skip some heartbeats. Remind yourself daily “Life is about living, not surviving!”

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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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