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Virat Kohli has been amongst runs this IPL season like any other. And there is something else that has been following his good form and that is the poor run of RCB’s Bowling. IPL has gone past a decade now. The team’s batting line up has always been the head turners for the fans across India. If any team has got support all over the country apart from Dhoni’s CSK, it has been the King Kohli lead RCB. Royal Challengers of Bangalore have got some dynamic batsmen over the years from the Universe Boss Chris Gayle to the Superman of Cricket, Mr. AB de Villiers and of course the heroics of their animated fearsome captain, Virat Kohli. The only thing that they have struggled is their bowling and not just a couple of seasons, this has been the story of RCB from past 11 years. Not that they never had good bowlers but they have had those in scarcity! Dan Vettori, Muralidharan played for them, Starc had a good year here and there. Chahal has been their Mr Dependable but for how long? Umesh Yadav has played his part this time around but the support has been lacking from other ends. Every season RCB is considered as Favorites in the beginning of the IPL and halfway down the tournament, you suddenly realize that they will end up with Delhi Daredevils at the bottom unless the brilliance of ABD and Kohli pushes them somehow to the Eliminators only to be knocked out of the tournament. It has become a dream of many to see RCB winning IPL.

Virat Kohli - The Hulk!

Virat Kohli  – We want our Hulk back!

The fans always turn out in huge numbers at the Chinnaswammy Stadium to support their home team but every match just adds to their disappointment. Yes they get entertained by good batting but then there is a second half of this game as well. Kohli feeling helpless at times is clearly visible on his face. This year, post IPL auction, Kohli in a conference addressing the media made some strong statements like: “You will be surprised to see RCB winning matches with their Bowling this time around”. And I certainly, being a die hard Kohli fan believed that. And yesterday, when Kohli was standing for the post match interview, after losing the match against KKR. I saw dejection in Kohli’s eyes. A person who has always been up and ready over the challenges, a person who has always given it back, no matter how strong the opposition, how tough the conditions, the Spirit of Virat Kohli has fired up the game of Cricket! This lacked in Kohli for the first time… But despite all that, As a good leader, he admitted that they didn’t deserve to win and he’s rightly standing as the losing captain on the day! This is one thing that Kohli has won Millions of hearts with. You win some, you lose some, but you need to accept it, take it on the chin and get back up! Kohli is doing everything that is under his control, whether being making the changes in the team, or be it scoring extra runs for the comparatively weaker bowling line up as a cushion. It’s a matter of time that we again see RCB get back to winning ways, give a tough fight and who knows if they can still make it to the Eliminators. As it is said, Cricket is a funny game. Last time they needed 4 wins out of 5 games to qualify and they did. Hope the Superman (AB de Villiers) and the Hulk (Kohli) get going and make scores that prove to be ungettable.

“Dear Virat Kohli, no matter you end up on the winning or losing side, you are a HERO and we love you for what you do!” – A true Viratian

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