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So, all the predictions were absolutely correct! The winner of the Bigg Boss season 8 is Gautam Gulati. TV actor Gautam Gulati took the Bigg Boss trophy and Rs 50 lakh cash prize home after winning the season 8 of celebrity reality show Bigg Boss.

Gautam Gulati BB8 winner

All three finalists Gautum, Karishma and Pritam were provided with an opportunity of leaving the show with an eye-catching amount of 25 Lakh. While Gautam and Karishma seemed confident of their chances of winning, Pritam accepted the amount saying, “I am confident, not over-confident”. Though his wife and mother were completely against his decision of leaving, he told all that he’s leaving on his terms and that’s enough for him.

Gautam was a favorite since the second week when all of the Bigg Boss 8 contestants cornered him due to a spat with Tanna. The audience got connected with his emotions. Then Pritam stood up for him and slowly the house was divided into “The bedroom gang” and “P3G”. P3G  also called as the “Boys” included Pritam, Praneet, Puneet and Gautam. There were plenty of moments, ups and downs, but in the end there were 2 out of the 4 members of P3G standing as 2 of the 3 finalists.

Gautam as a P3G member

The episode that stood out for most (including me) was the one with “Gautam City” task under the captaincy of Gautam. The episode brought the song “We love, We love Gauti” to everyone’s mind. The hangover of this song by Gautam Gulati along with his popularity still remains with us.

Gautam city“Welcome to Gautam City- My City, My Rules”.

Gautam always tried to give a lot of drama and masala to the show by doing anything and everything to compete with others and be a part of the show till the end. Many people started loving Gautam because of this reason and he made a lot of fans in this process. Even Farah Khan, kept a name “Gullu” for Gautam Gulati, hinting her favorite contestant.

Apart from fights, drama, emotions and all, Gautam brought up a different look to every task. Pritam claimed that Gautam is not a team man, but what we saw was smartness of Gautam during the tasks. Unlike other contestants getting physical in tasks, he was always the one playing the patient game. He proved his metal in physical as well as mental toll taking tasks, be it more than 36 hrs of sitting on a chair or a similar time standing inside a cage pressing a button or waiting for everyone to sleep and perform his task. He did it all, with a good spirit. He kept on entertaining the fans of BB8 throughout either by taking off his shirt and dancing, making and singing songs, or copying Shahrukh Khan’s character saying, “maar, maar, maar“. He did it all, thus rightfully deserving the title of Bigg Boss 8.

Gautam also displayed throughout the show that he was a very emotional person. Earlier, his spat with Karishma, then his relationship with Diandra and his constant complaints with Pritam and Praneet that they were not being honest and loyal to him as friends, followed by his special bond with Puneet Issar portrayed him as a man who is full of emotions and values, personal relationships and commitments more than anything else.

 Gautam Gulati desrved it

The five month wait for TV heartthrob and Diya Aur Baati Hum actor Gautam Gulati finally came to an end today. Gautam, a favorite with viewers, emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss Halla Bol, beating Karishma Tanna. And the wait for next season of Bigg Boss starts. Hopefully, we would see the return of Salman Khan as the Bigg Boss Season 9 host.

Till then, ….. , one last time for this season.

Do whatever you want to do man! 😀

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