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Every day we complaint about something or the other, that is wrong around us. We see faulty things, listen about them and for most of the time just let them go on or complaint. If something bothers us so much, why don’t we take a step to resolve the matter and change it ourselves?


“Be the change you want to see.”

                                                                            -Mahatma Gandhi


World is full of problems, and so are the people in it.

Our lack of effort towards making a change for the good is often, the only reason why some problems are not solved for ages. For instance, we see a poor shivering in the winters due to lack of warm clothing, we look at that person and say how bad the government is for not taking care of such people and move on. Instead of blaming the government, can’t we ourselves give a piece of clothing to the poor?

We happily spend our money on movies, junk food and other stuffs, which are not a necessity to us but when it comes to giving some to a NGO, suddenly even a small amount of 100 INR looks like a fairly big amount to us.

Isn’t the real joy in giving?


“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank


Often we listen that poor is usually uneducated, and we feel sad for their lack of knowledge. But how many of us have really tried to teach or help educate a poor just to spread knowledge. If every one of us could teach even a single underprivileged child, it would definitely increase the intellectual power of the country tremendously and even help the child have a better shot at his/her future.


“Each one, teach one.”


These are just two of the many things we can do. We know so many more like don’t throw or let others throw garbage on the streets, recycle and reuse, save electricity, volunteer at NGOs, and the list is endless. But, knowing is of no good until you decide to act.

Everybody wants to change the world

Complaints are people’s way of running away from their responsibilities. If we could change our mentality, our attitude, towards the so called “social issues or social problems”, to find the solutions to go on and be the change, only then the world would become a better place for us to live.


“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
― Anne Frank

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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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