Superstition- a chronicle disease

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Till date, science has brought about a lot of changes in our way of life and the way we think. But today also, there is an evil that ruins it all! This evil is superstition…

Superstition is the irrational belief in paranormal powers. We say India has come a long way in science and technology. Moreover there are many high-qualified doctors. Then also, many people believe in “babas” and “tantriks”. They feel they are incarnations of the almighty. But unfortunately, they are no more than “frauds” who manipulate you and play with your belief just to twist their benefits out.

“The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.”

-Francis Bacon

Luckily, if the baba is able to cure a person’s disease, others tend to blindly follow him and literally start worshipping him. And when the baba is unable to cure one, it is said to be god’s wish and often measured in terms of good and bad deeds of the dead. What makes this a good business, is our fear, immorality and unclear conscience in tough situations.

Not only this, many people change their path seeing a black cat crossing their way, as per the belief that it’s unlucky! Many people consider 13 as a very inauspicious number. I really don’t understand any logic behind this. Moreover, a person avoids driving the car or doing any auspicious task after sneezing. Many people hang lemon-chilly strings at the door of their house. For me it is still acceptable till it doesn’t hurt anyone. Till date in many rural areas, women experiencing the menstrual cycle are not allowed to work in the kitchen. Now tell me, how far is this justified?

Superstition imprisioning the human race


Many of the superstitions evoke laughter to me. Recently I come across one, during the cricket world cup. As per the report of news channel some people organized some spiritual ceremonies for impressing Gods, so that the team they supported wins the title, claiming that previously when their team won, they did the same. And the team couldn’t make up to the finals despite a very good effort throughout the tournament (Any guesses 😉 ?) So, should those people to be blamed for the loss. The answer is “no”. I don’t mean to target anyone, but it’s just that I can’t tolerate people doing all these illogical practices.

Many of my relatives believe in evil or bad eye. This is many a times linked with ill-health of toddlers. Taking benefit of these disbelieves many companies claim to come up with devices and mechanisms to fight evil eye. This means, each of the superstition you believe in tends to fill someone’s pocket, who don’t really deserve even a penny!

What the new age requires, is to rise above these superstitions because when one will rise above all this, other things can be worked upon!

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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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