Snacket App- No more waiting!

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Whenever we go out for movies a common problem that we all face is waiting in long queues at the time of interval for ordering food. It happened with me many times, that I missed some shots of the movie. There’s nothing one could do much about it.

But, now there’s a great solution for it. A few days back I read about a mobile app named “Snacket” on its pamphlet that I got from PVR MGF Gurgaon ticket counter. And believe me it can turn out to be a revolution. Using Snacket, people can order their meal and it will be delivered to their seats at PVR Cinemas. Although till now, only PVR MGF, Gurgaon avails the service. As per the sources people will be able to use this service at other PVR’s as well which includes PVR Sahara Mall Gurgaon and PVR-Ambience Mall.

Snacket App– No more waiting!

Not only this, food can be ordered from multiple restaurants and it will be delivered right to their homes. Isn’t this great?  Though many other apps provide the service of ordering food online but what makes this app different is the PVR inclusion (the X-factor for me), with which many movie fans can relate to!

Also some special features of the app which makes it even special:

  • The app has an option of accessing the user’s location and suggests multiple restaurants nearby.
  • It has very user-friendly interface. The app is easy to use and delivers convenience to your doorsteps.
  • It comes up with multiple payment options including payment via Credit/Debit card, Snacket credits* and even cash on delivery.

*Snacket Credits can be added from your debit or credit card only.

  • At the PVR, one can choose the mode of delivery; be it pick-up at the counter or delivery at the seat. For delivery to the seat, one just needs to enter Screen No. along with seats and show timing.
  • Snacket covers a variety of restaurants and cafeterias like Chicago Pizza, New York Slice, Lean Chef, Turquoise Cottage and much more.
  • One can even book seats in dine-in restaurants.
Snacket- Auto Suggests Location

Snacket- Auto Suggests Location

Snacket- Payment and Delivery options

Snacket- Payment and Delivery options

Snacket is an innovative venture by Mr. Himanshu Kumar and Mr. Dhruv Madhok. Recently, the app got great reviews as NDTV took a close look at the app. A must try app, at least once and I assure, you won’t regret it!

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