Respect- a hard earned thing!

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We all listen since our childhood, respect your elders or respect everyone! But what is respect? We all fail to teach our kids, what is the value of respect?


is actually a reward in disguise. It is something you can’t ask for, it is something you have to earn. It is something that takes years to create, but even a moment is enough to demolish.
Respect has to be earned!

Respect has to be earned!

 Everything has changed so much. Earlier parents used to tell their kids to create a life that owes them respect, but now a days kids are motivated to create a life that earns them money, power and all luxuries of life. The word “respect” seems to be turned archaic these days, it is only found in primary level books. And the proof to this is that, if you ask a bunch of 10 kids a sentence that starts with earn and followed by a blank space, 8 out of 10 kids will be writing money to fill the blank. The thought of writing ‘respect’ will hardly click anyone’s mind. And to a great extent it is justified. They will become as what they will see.  They see their dad insulting his colleague, their mother shouting on the maids. These things have turned reflexes for all of us. It’s something we all make mistakes at.

Learn  to respect everyone...

Why we forget that a person is a person, there’s nothing small or big. It is normal to have conflicting ideas but a discussion or even an argument can be limited under the boundaries of respect.

Motivate your kids to create a life that owes them respect, money is secondary. Teach them to give respect, no matter how much you dislike a person. Teach them to be loyal. Teach them to be a good listener, there are many good orators.

Remember when people respect you, nothing else is more honoring, nothing else is more satisfying!


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