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PVR Cinemas, the largest cinema exhibition company in the world has been providing world class cinematic experience to the people for around 18 years. It has changed the way of viewing cinema. Whether it’s family-time or friends-time or bunk time, it simply means time for PVR experience.

PVR Cinemas has a come a long way since it’s first multiplex -PVR Anupam, saket in 1997. And now the scene has undergone a total make-over. Recently in 2012, PVR acquired Big Cinemas under a deal of 352 crore. And now PVR has took possession of DT Cinemas. the brand acquired DLF’s DT Cinemas for 500 crore.

DT Cinemas

DT Cinemas has 29 screens, whereas PVR Cinemas has 471 screens, 106 properties, serving in 44 cities.

As per a deal signed in 2009, DLF agreed to sell off DT Cinemas to PVR, but the deal collapsed in 2010.

Frankly, for me and friends and family, whenever it’s time for a movie, PVR topped and in unavailability of tickets, there was DT Cinemas standing. So in the absence of the second, PVR surely gains sheer profit. So for me the deal by the side of PVR is considerably good, but when I see it as per DT Cinemas, I doubt it. For me sometimes it not really about a good deal, but loyalty towards your customers. And may be at this point they failed. But this is not really the language of business these days, I guess.

So very smartly, PVR has took over it’s biggest and closest competitor of all times. Personally I find rare chances of growth for cinema ventures like Movie Time and Wave Cinemas. So I can’t think about these giving a fight to the pioneer of Multiplex Cinema in India.

The Largest And The Most Premium Film And Retail Entertainment Company In India

The Largest And The Most Premium Film And Retail Entertainment Company In India

So I conclude, PVR Cinemas takes possession of DLF’s DT Cinemas, under a deal of 500 crore…

Proving why it is quoted as  “The Largest And The Most Premium Film And Retail Entertainment Company In India”

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