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Forget nuclear proliferation, bettering trade relations with UK and China, devising novel strategies to counter terrorism; our government has decided to act against the most pressing issue of the moment… AIB roast!!

Recently, AIB organized a roast staring Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in company of Who’s Who of bollywood with Karan Johar being the host. And soon it created a full blown controversy on account of its uncensored language and offensive content (pre-requisites of roast).

AIB Roast Story

And the most baffling part of it is that the people, who apparently are severely hurt and offended, are not the ones on whom the profanities were hurled at, but the ones who had nothing to do with it; well other than the fact that they decided to watch it (willingly even after there was a clear warning that the show contained adult stuff) and get offended (or act so).

Yes, we agree that the show had filthy and gruesome comedy, but there’s always the option to ‘not watch’ something. And then that’s the very spirit of ‘free speech’. But the events which have transpired since the video was uploaded on YouTube (it was later taken down by AIB as respond to the backlash) which are nothing but the traits of totalitarian regimes (burn books you don’t like and execute people who dare challenge your views). There has also been a FIR against AIB and the people who participated in the act.

It’s perfectly alright to despise things and raise your voice against what you don’t like. But trying to get what you don’t like banned is preposterous at the least and not acceptable. We project ourselves as liberals as long as we keep indulging in such petty acts of self-righteous censorship. Such kind of a behavior acts as a wall to freedom of expression and as long as it is not breached, we as a society can’t evolve and succeed in unhinging ourselves from the clutches of shallow and intolerant mindset.

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