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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

                                                                                                                                                   -Albert Einstein


Often in our stressful daily life, we forget to acknowledge the beauty of nature around us. The beautiful orange horizon while a sunrise or a sunset, the tiny little droplets of rain or fog on the petals, sound of the birds chirping, the beautiful butterfly flying with freedom and much more of the beauty goes unrecognized.

Notice the Nature

Nature is magnificent and inspiring in ways that one mostly knows of, but forgets them with time. Today, let’s re-learn some of the many enlightening acts of nature that take place in our daily life.

Every day is followed by a sunset, indicating that with this setting sun one more day has passed, good or bad, happy or sad, this day is gone and thus making us realize the importance of living the moment, we are currently in. One must live life to the fullest, as time doesn’t wait for anyone and no one knows what the future holds…

Whereas with every sunrise, a new hope is renewed. A hope that this day would bring something wonderful with it, a hope that nothing is ever lost, it just begins again. Every sunrise holds a promise, a promise that it’s never too late to be what you want to be.

“I go to nature everyday for inspiration in the day’s work.”

                                                                                                                           -Frank Lloyd Wright


When we’re lonely and find no one to talk to, many of us talk to the stars and the moon. We treat nature as a friend of ours at many instances in our life. Nature is the perfect companion; one who, no matter what we say, is always there with us, be it at are best or at our worst.

Nature can restore all our hopes; after all, a rainbow is only seen after the rain and sunrise after the sunset.

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely and unhappy is to go outside,

somewhere they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and god.

Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.”

                                                                                                                     -Anne Frank

At last, when life seems to be lost and all you find is darkness around you. Just remember that stars can’t shine without the darkness…


Few lines on- “The ever inspiring nature”


Sky is the limit,

And water is the soul,

We reflect upon both to get to our goal.


Trees give us strength,

And wind makes us feel,

Everything we want is within our reach.


The beauty of nature is what true faith is,

As a caterpillar thought of its end,

A butterfly came to be…

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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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