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We all are covered up under the problems and challenges of life and fight hard for finding solutions for the same. And what if I say all answers are there in front of you; what you need to do is just take a deep breath and observe the common phenomenon of nature. Yes, nature has answers to every question of yours…

You wonder how???

  • Life comes up with many hard times which make you question “why so much of problems?” Nature says there is always a dazzling day after a dark night. So I ask you, “if there would have been daytime continuously, was it going to be that much valued?” Rather it would be really boring. Wouldn’t it? Like day and night, there are good and bad times. There is always a good time after a bad one, what you have to do is to strive hard for fighting the darkness out.
  • Many a times you have to make choices, in life. You come up with questions “why to make choices?” and “which one to choose?” Can you row in two boats together or can you travel both the two roads separated by a diversion at the same time? So is life. At many instances you have to choose between the two diverging roads in a wood. If you have read the poem “The Two Roads”, you might find making choices a bit easier. What you have to do is to list down the things that matter to you and what effect they get by both of the options.
  • You often complaint that there are many bad and insincere people around you, who try to pull you down. I say, just keep your face towards the sun; all shadows will automatically disappear to you.
  • Leave everything; we have so many complaints with life and find our role insignificant. Learn from a brook; knowing the fact it will merge into a sea one fine day, it still flows in its own rhythm, enjoying its journey to the fullest.
My interactive session with nature !

My interactive session with nature !

Our life resembles to the phenomenon of nature. Like walking in a wood you never know what the next turn will bring, so is life! If you want to make life a bit easy try and interact with nature. It is the best teacher!

Every evening, sit back and observe the sunset and let all the worries and pain be lost with it. Observe the sunrise announcing a new day, a new chapter of your life.

God is the best artist, nature is the best orator, and if you want to get it all try and become a good observer, a better listener and the best learner!


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A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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