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Memories are like a box of sweets. Once opened, you can’t stop with at just one! For once you start reminiscing, its hard to break the chain of thoughts, thoughts often arsing from one contemplating the possibilities of how those memories could have been different from what they are now.

Memories can warm us up from inside, but can also tear us apart at times. Good or bad, ugly or sad, memories never die(unless you are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease 😛 ).

Every memory is an integral part of our lives; they make us who we are.


“Memories are the road that leads to where we are to today and lead us to where we are going tomorrow.”                                                                                                                                                                                              -Stacy Duplease

Memories are a reminder of what past holds dear to us, of people who made it worth living for, of the experiences we gathered, of the skills we learned and the actions we took. All these experiences guide us though our lives help us make better decisions and safeguard against things that are similar to past experiences.
Good memories are the one’s which we all are proud of. They always bring a smile on our face. No matter how hard are the times; these memories always uplift our mood.  And though with time we also gather bad memories, but well these are the ones which actually become the good and precious lessons in our lives.

Good or bad, at the end of the day these memories make you, what you are! One shouldn’t be ashamed, but proud, proud of all the memories. Proud that you went through all those experiences, learned and lived through them. Proud that you cried, laughed, loosed and gained, but all those made us stronger and a much more mature person.


Some of us might even argue against keeping memories dear or giving them any sort of importance, let alone be lost in them. Although difficult to execute with utter precision, some disconnection from the past is important; for many a times the grimness of the past can rub of on to the present rendering it gloomy. Another disadvantage of reminiscing about the past is that humans have an uncanny habit of developing illogical analogies from the past to the present and many a times to the future.
But as stated before, its hard to completely shun out the past. But what can be done is that we only carry the happy traces of our past with us with the lessons from the bad ones.

So just go on and gather as many memories as you can, cause good times come and go but memories last forever…

Life brings tears, smiles and memories. The tears dry; the smiles fade; but memories…

Memories Last Forever…….

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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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