Life is Simple!

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Many of us think that life is really stressful, unjust, in fact complicated. Life comes up with so many breakthroughs, tough decisions and struggles to reach the best!

But I don’t agree with this theory of complicated life and rather believe that life’s really simple. It’s just that we insist on making it complicated. I agree that life has many struggles, decisions to be taken and all that. But it’s how you see these and deal with these that decide the quality of your life!

The one who overcomes all the so called ‘problems of life’ succeeds in the real manner and the one who keeps on mourning and crying on them stays at one place.

The restlessness to reach the destination!

Life is Simple! - Entwined Allusions

We all turn so eager to reach the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. At this point we all go wrong. I strongly believe life is not about a destination, it’s more about a journey. Don’t be so hopeful for the results that you totally miss out the procedures.  Real experiences hide in the little details, in the journeys. Life is planned, yes it is! Let me share a personal experience… some years ago I, my family and some relatives of ours traveled to the hills for fun and a break from the routine. On the way I stopped the car many a times as I wanted to capture all those beautiful scenes. The photographer inside me always wakes up seeing such blissful sights of the hills and the sun…walla! On the other hand my cousins were very restless to reach the destination so that they can enjoy. But destiny had its own plans. It started to snow. So the roads ahead were blocked and we checked in a local motel. It was the first snowfall that I ever experienced. And believe me what an experience it was. Aahhh! So what I conclude is that I did the right thing by living the journey where as my cousins were a bit disappointed. Similarly life has its plans, our destination had to be changed may be for something good only.

That’s why I believe life is not something you can rely upon. If you take life as mystery, don’t waste your time thinking and thinking to solve it. Rather live it and you will find all your answers. Human beings are the biggest fools. We are just good at speaking philosophical, talking intellectual, but what part of it do we really imply in our own life. I am sure each one of us must have heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but how many of us actually have an apple daily or even once a week. Even I don’t. That’s it. This is the problem! We know we should follow our heart but still follow the crowd.

The way to a simple life, a quality life is just to do what you really want to. First of all start living life; it’s much better than surviving! Believe me!

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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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