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Throughout our life we make tons of memories, we meet millions of people and come across infinite desires. We attach to some people to a great extent but separations from them break us apart. We don’t always get what we wish for. And this is the reality of life. And not this much only, many a times life makes us stand at a point where there is nothing really left for us. At all these instances we have to move on!

I agree it’s nowhere easy to move on. But still you have to let it go!  The simple thing is that, the more you hold such things, the more they hurt you. Life is much like bicycle, to maintain the balance one must keep moving. You can’t freeze at a point. You have to get up and look for the positive side.

let it go

You might find something you really deserve…

I believe whatever really belongs to us let it go, if it returns back, then it is really yours. And when it’s about your hearty wishes, sometimes one should rather see the part what they really deserve, than what they want.

You never know, what the future holds for you…

Usually we tend to mourn for something that no more belongs to us, without realizing the fact that we are actually wasting our present. One can’t step in the present without leaving behind the past. It does like keep reading the last chapter of a book, how can you move on to a new chapter.

move on

Unfold this page, you might find yourself merrier on the next page…

Try to leave behind the past; you might end up getting something even better. God is the best planner, and he has planned everything for you. What you need to do is keep moving and keep discovering happiness and where you don’t find any, create some!

 Letting go some things in life at some circumstances turns out to be the need of the hour. Give it a try, unfold this page of the story of your life, you might find yourself merrier on the next page…

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A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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