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We all have some or the other problems in life. But what is that, which makes them even bigger and painful?

It’s the human tendency of running from difficult circumstances in life. We all pray to eliminate all problems but don’t want to face them!

We tend to run away from situations, knowing the fact that this is nowhere a solution. If you really want to eliminate all problems you have to face them. Not only problems, but also we must face realities of life. Any problem can be overcome, but it needs to be faced. When we run from situations, we might be able to ignore them, but till when? To fight and win over all challenges, one must have the courage to face them with the greatest determination.We all fight battles, unknown to the outer world. Challenges will be there it is up to you that you want to win over them or just let it be! Life at many instances pull us back, at such times just feel like an arrow that is being dragged to launch into something great!

For me life is all about facing challenges. Obstacles are just part and parcel of life. One has to face them at some or the other instances. Life runs on a simple rule, ‘you don’t grow when things are easy, you grow when they are not!’ the fear doesn’t lies in the obstacles, it actually lies in our mind. The simple thing is that, till the time you won’t face challenges how will you overcome them!

Anytime the problems in your life start roaring at you, roar back even louder! Tell them they are not bigger than you, your determination and your innocent intentions. Every time they make you fall, get up and face them, you will automatically get the courage to win over them!

Face your mistakes, face your fears, face your weaknesses, face your limitations, face the challenges life comes up with, face the realities of life; then only you can create a better version of yours…

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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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