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During interviews, we are often asked a very popular question, “What would you refer to a glass containing half water? Half filled or half empty?”

Now going by the general perception, a person who answers “Half filled” is believed to have positive thinking as he/she sees the positive part of the glass & is referred as an optimist.

On the contrary, the one who answers it as “Half empty” is believed to have a negative thinking, being guilty of just looking at negative side and not acknowledging the positive side.

Well, if I am the person answering, I would say that I look that glass containing half water as “Half filled with another half to go!” followed by a justified reason of my own.

A person who just looks at the positive side, ignoring the negative part has a very low chance of improving. One who doesn’t know his/her weak areas, weaknesses, how can he or she improve on those points? Similarly, if a person just keeps on looking at his/her weaknesses, he/she might get depressed and feel demotivated all the time. If I know my strengths along with my weaknesses, I can surely work on them and try to get better and better.

So, eventually it all depends on our view point, our perception… What we perceive is what we become.

Perception is our view point


Even a coin has two faces and we certainly can’t ignore either. Optimists created an aeroplane, pessimists created parachute! And we all know the importance of a parachute… Keeping a balance in our approach towards life is very crucial for our growth as individuals.

We often get carried away with small successes, unaware of the challenges ahead. And when we don’t succeed in one of the tasks we are heartbroken. Now, have you ever realized why are we so much affected with these little ups and downs in our lives??? Expectations… We expect everything to go in our favor, which quite prominently, can’t.

It might appear funny or even fake, but lemme share this today.

I have never prepared for viva’s in my engineering so far.. Reason- if I prepare for it, I build up expectations from myself; Now, that I have prepared so well for it. I must answer every question! and suddenly our feet start to shiver, we start biting our nails. This burden of expectations make us weaker and nervous. Few people perform better under pressure and few break down.

Now, you must be thinking that I just got diverted from the topic. Well, its your “Perception”; from mine, I haven’t. Answer this question… Expectations origin due to??


Read the title now you will get to know.  😉

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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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