Incentives of Life!

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The word incentive probably brings us the image of an additional payment as means of increasing the output, but here we are referring to incentive as a positive motivational influence. Incentives are nothing but internal passion, and as the saying goes, passion is the driving force in our lives. May it be passion for your work, passion for your love or even a passion to learn, it is all there. That’s what everyone says right? But is it true? Is passion for things really the driving force in our life?

Well at least I don’t think of it that way. Sure passion helps you succeed but that doesn’t make it the ultimate impelling force in our lives. There are other things, things that we hold more important in life. There are things that every single person looks forward to without even knowing so.

We’ll get back to part in a while, for now let’s focus on getting to know what you think are the driving forces in your lives.

So, open your mind, relax, and answer the question:

What are the three things you do everyday?

Got the answer, now one more question for you:

Why do you spend your time doing those?

Take a minute and think about it.

All the time you’ve spent doing things what was it for? Was it to earn money? To secure your future? To make your family happy? Everything you’ve ever done, ever since you’ve gathered your senses, has been done for some purpose. Do you know what that is?

Incentives of life

We all live, eat, drink, breathe, but this isn’t all that we share; we share the common incentives of life.
We all work to make our lives better, we all want to make our parents proud, we all want to love and be loved, we all want that and more. These are all the natural desires of every living being, not just humans, and these are what drive us.

But here’s the thing I have figured out about life, we all have three incentives in our life.

Everything we do, everything we thing, every wish we make is based on these three simple words. Without them you’ll always feel unsatisfied, you won’t be able to live your life to the fullest, you’ll always feel like something is missing.

So, you must be wondering what these are, well I call them ‘3H’s of Life’.  3H’s, that have constantly been at the back of your head and have ever so silently been the driving forces of your life. As a matter of fact you know them all very well, but it is possible that you never thought of it in that deep meaningful way.

So just put a little thought into it, think what these 3H’s could possibly be.

We’ll reveal it all to you in the following posts.

Till then, live your life to the fullest…

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