HTC’s next flagship, M9 snapshots leaked

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HTC has had a few tough years after being the beloved of the Android ecosystem early on. Things started to turn around in 2014 as the company turned its first profit in some time, but this year will make or break the company.The key to HTC’s continued existence is the 2015 flagship Android phone, currently known as the M9 or “Hima”. There have been a few leaks of this HTC device’s specs, and now the device itself appears to have broken cover.


The new hardware leak comes courtesy of the famous French Blog, which has a solid track record of getting device hardware ahead of time. Most of the devices leaked by this site are assembled from OEM parts, but lack the internals. That’s probably the case with the M9 leak, but the specs have been leaked a number of times already.

Based on past leaks, it looks like M9 will be using a single 20 MP image sensor. The HTC’s M8 famously stuck with the 4 MP UltraPixel sensor from the 2013 M7 and added a second low-resolution camera to create photos with adjustable depth of field (HTC called it “Duo Camera”). However, it wasn’t really doing post-capture focusing like Lytro offers on its devices. It was only a post-processing effect using depth data from that second camera.

The Duo Camera was not received very well, especially considering the results it produced weren’t much better than phones that did the same without a second camera module. At only 4 MP, you really didn’t have any space pixels for cropping either. In the new leaked images, we see a single camera module on the back, which could mean a better overall photo taking experience.

Most flagship phones are racing to integrate 1440p displays, but multiple sources say the new HTC One will stick with a five-inch 1080p LCD. For a lot of users, a five-inch phone is a great size for one-handed use. It can even feel tiny after using a larger phone like the iPhone 6 Plus or Nexus 6. The advantage of using a 1080p panel is that battery performance will be much better. A device like the LG G3 has great standby time, but as soon as that 1440p LCD comes on, it starts guzzling electrons like no one’s business.


HTC’s new flagship is expected to launch with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and 3GB of RAM. The 810 is a 64-bit chip with four Cortex-A57 and four A53 ARM cores in a big.LITTLE configuration. Other rumors indicate a screen size of somewhere between 5 inches (like the M8) and 5.2 inches (like the Desire Eye).

Additionally, Bloomberg’s report says, HTC’s March event will finally unveil the company’s first smartwatch.

We’ll find out in about 40 days, or maybe even beforehand if an overly-joyous Peter Chou decides to whip out the real deal!

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