Hope- A lantern of life!

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Many a times we are stuck in difficult situations where’s darkness all over us; but there is a place where a light lightens everything and says “don’t worry it’s just another test, you can do it man!”, and this place is your heart and the light that lightens, the voice that motivates is HOPE…

For me hope is the best emotion, the best feeling! It is a force that never ever let’s me stop, never makes me feel broken. It makes me believe that if you have given it a fair try, it will surely come to you one fine day and if it doesn’t, then god has planned something even more special for you. I believe in miracles, the hope of everything good makes me to do so.

A ray of hope is enough to fight darkness out!- Entwined Allusions

A ray of hope is enough to fight the darkness out…

When you feel there is nothing left for you, when you feel all the forces work against you, then also never let the amazing hope die. Because it the darkness that makes the stars even more beautiful and even more significant. You have to take good with the bad; this is the principle of life. So when some things are bound to happen why to cry for them? Obstacles will be there. What you need to change is the way you think. Believe they are there to make your achievements a triumph.

God has planned it all, that too in the most stunning manner. He knows your strengths, and to exceed them he comes up with bad times. Ups and downs are unchanging trends of life. So better enjoy the ups knowing there will be downs, and fight hard to sustain the downs hoping for good times to come back. Life will come up with maukas (sorry, world cup fever 😉 ). It will always give you a chance to get better; just don’t let that opportunity go waste.

The whole world runs on hope. You sleep at night, hoping for a new morning, with new opportunities. Practically you never know that this moment is not your last. But you still plan to improve yourself tomorrow, to go full speed towards your goal…

This is the light of hope that makes bad times easier to face… Never let this lantern put off!



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