Health: 1st H of Life

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Continuing on our journey of discovering Incentives of Life, let’s find our 1st H of Life. We all have heard the saying “Health is Wealth”, and that is what 1st H of Life is. Health, it is a combination of physical, mental and social well-being.  Poor health doesn’t only affect your body, it affect the way you live your life.

“When Health Is Absent,
Wisdom Cannot Reveal Itself,
Art Cannot Manifest,
Strength Cannot Fight,
Wealth Becomes Useless,
And Intelligence Cannot Be Applied.”

Poor health is often accompanied by one feeling lethargic. This in turn leads to decreased capability to live your life to the fullest. This includes unable to give your best at anything, may it be your work or your personal life. Inability to work might then lead to poverty and misery.  Everything you eat, everything you think, majority of it is some or the way related to your need of healthy life.

This makes health one of the most important incentives in our life. The knowledge that we won’t be able to make the best of our lives if we’re not healthy has silently been motivating us.

Motivating us for a pursuing a healthy life style, which you have to agree somehow depends on the amount of money we have. Also, more money means more sense of security if god forbids something awful happens. Thus, silently at the back of your mind health has been one of the driving forces of your life.

If one is feeling frail, he/she won’t even be able to have a happy social life. Frankly speaking if I’m not felling well I would rather sleep on my bed than hang out with my friends. Plus feeling low makes many people kind of edgy (including me). So that’s not an idle time one chooses for a happening social life. But the fact is, interacting with people contributes to a large amount of happiness. This essentially means that even though we are moving forward in our lives we always try to make sure we stay healthy, to be happy.

Now let’s finally talk about mental health. Well it doesn’t only limit to mental illness. Fear, anxiety, stress, panic, loneliness, etc; these all contribute to your psychological health. If you’re emotionally hurt or your feeling lonely or someone broke your trust, it affects your life. It affects how you perceive your surroundings. How you would react to situations. It affects your personality too. And most importantly it affects your happiness.

Health 1st H of Life

If you’re not psychologically sound (I don’t refer to mental illness), you lose your interest in your work and maybe in your life. This is the reason why we so eagerly seek love, happiness, money, support. All these contribute to our mental well-being.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize the value of health until it’s gone. And that is a really sad truth.

Best part is life is full of chances; you can still start your way up to a healthy lifestyle. There is so much you can do and I’m sure you can find something according to the lifestyle you lead. I’ll leave that for you to think about.

So, I hope you agree with me when I say Health deserves to be the 1st H of Life.

Wait for it as we reveal the other 2 H’s of life in the future posts, till then live healthy…


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