Happy Mother’s Day MAA…

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I feel family is the best blessing god bless us with…and I feel mother is the foundation of a family. Mother is the one who binds everyone together; no matter how much the times are difficult.

The relation between a mother and her child is in-explainable. It is simply the most beautiful and pious one. A relation in which, the mother understands even the untold secrets. My mother says that I can fool the whole world but not her. She used to understand all my lies so easily. I wondered how she used to do this. When I asked her about this, she held my hand and smiled answering, “my heart is connected to yours with a strong bond of love…”

Don’t know how, but on seeing any horrifying object or being hurt, “mom” is what everyone cries out (especially in India). May be because, this is the most soothing and comforting word.

A lady’s transformation to a mother is probably the most difficult of all. She goes through loads of pains and swings in this tough period and extreme suffering when she gives birth to a baby. Thus the mother is the strongest of all roles a woman plays. She is the one who feels the first heart beat of her child.

Love you mom...

Love you mom…

She has always been there with me. I always feel safe and secure whenever she’s there with me. Whenever I used to take part in any stage performance, I used to look for her standing on the stage and a single sight of her used to bring a wide smile on my face eliminating all signs of nervousness.

Mom you are simply the best...

This beautiful relation is turning a bit ugly these days. Why are we ashamed of our parents? Why have we started disrespecting them? Why their care seems to embarrass us? No matter what great you achieve in life, your parents are the only ones who remain the same. Their unconditional, unflinching love remains unchanged. Tell them how much you love them, nothing else is more comforting!

What I know is that my mother is my world and I can’t live without her. I can entitle my whole life to her. So I will try to do something for her that brings a smile on her face this mother’s day! Will you???

Love you MAA, Happy Mother’s Day…


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