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We all talk about mothers and their unconditional love for their children. But I feel, we forget that fathers play an equally important role in the upbringing of a child. They too love their children, as the mothers do. But yes, they are not that good at expressing it! It’s ok, why don’t we as kids express our love for them.

My father tries hard to fulfill every wish of mine and even understand my untold wishes. I remember during my childhood, I used to eagerly wait for my dad to come back from work so that I  can go out with him to my favourite aquarium shop to see fish! And howsoever tired he was, he took me there without a single sign of stress. Dad I am not good at expressing but ya, Thank You For Everything & I Love You.

My father is a superhero!

My father is a superhero!

The fact is, for every kid his father is a superhero. Every kid wishes to be like his father and follow his footsteps. They take care of every responsibility towards their kids, whether it’s his demand of the latest game or gizmo or timely payment of the school fee. They are just perfect. They sometimes turn strict and the kids hate it! Even I used to, but today I understand that every “No” of his was right for me.

So celebrate this beautiful relationship!

Do something special for your father and reflect his utmost importance in your life. He spends all his life fulfilling your wishes, now it’s your time to fulfill theirs! They don’t demand anything, just your love! Spend time with him, view your childhood albums and cherish all those happy moments. No matter how much you grow up, you always remain a child for your parents.

Respect them, Love them! You fill find yourself the happiest and luckiest person in the world!

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