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Google IO 2016

Google IO 2016 held this year on May 18-20. Sharing Keynote for the same.

The topics covered were:

Google Assistant – A Voice Assistant by Google

Google Home – A device with Google Assistant Feature

Allo – A smart Messaging App

Duo – A next level Video Calling App

Android N – The next Android Version

VR – Virtual Reality in Android N

Android Wear – Android Wear 2.0

Instant Apps – App Streaming

Firebase – A development, testing & Analytics tool for Apps

1. Google Assistant

– A voice Assistant Similar to Siri (iPhone Voice Assistant) or Cortana (Windows 10 Assistant). Can understand the context of the conversation and thus give accurate & relevant answers. For Example: If you ask it about Virat Kohli, followed by “When did HE scored his 1st Century?” It understands the context that you are talking about Virat Kohli and thus gives the correct answer. Apart from this you can book your flights, make hotel reservations and everything via just asking Google Assistant for it.

2. Google Home

– After the success of Google Chromecast, Google is upcoming with a new device that they have named “Google Home” by the end of this year. Google home looks like a portable speaker that can be placed anywhere and comes with the feature of Google Assistant. It can connect with your basic Home Appliances like Lighting & Fans and can turn them On or Off as asked. It can play music from Cloud or even your Android Device. If given access, it can track your packages, Calendars and all. Ask it to stream a video on your Android TV and it will do that for you.

3. Allo

– A new messaging app from Google with the power of Google Assistant. Chat with your friends, family or even Google. A messaging app with Smart Auto-Suggest Replies. In case you are having a chat with your friend, say, “Let’s go for some Chinese food today”. The Google Assistant will suggest the best Chinese Restaurants via Rich Cards in the same chat window which you and your friend can see at the same time. Then, if you ask the Google Assistant for ratings & reviews for that Restaurant, along with auto suggest options to book a table in that restaurant for 2, 3 or 4 people, even those are shared in the same window. The App comes with E2E Encryption. So, it’s fast, safe & smart use of AI in this App. & Yes, it also comes up with an Incognito Mode to make your chats private!

4. Duo

– A video calling app that will stream the video of the caller prior to the call is answered by the receiver. It avoids every chance of us missing that special moment. There are times when we are reluctant to answer a video call as we are busy, but the call might worth that time of yours. This gap will be bridged by Google Duo. The video streaming remains unaffected before & after answering the call along with a smooth transition between the both.

5. Android N

– The most powerful Android is yet to come from Google & this might be it. It comes with great focuses on:

Performance: Vulkan 3D Graphics for enhanced Gaming Experience; JIT Compiler (Just In Time) for 75% fast App Installation, 50% reduction in Code Compilation Time, Reduces battery consumption.Security: File Based Encryption instead of Modular Level this time Google goes to Node Level Encryption; Media Framework Hardening; Seamless Updates that will automatically run in background. So the next time you open up your app, it will be the updated version.Productivity: Multi Tasking, Multi Window, Split Screen Feature; Automatically removes app from the Recent Window that are unused for a specific period of time; Clear All Button in the Recent Window Tab; Double tap the Recent Button & you can go to the last used app present in Recent Window (works similar to Alt+Tab in Windows); Direct Reply from Notifications; Long Tap Notifications to check the Notification Settings, you can bock notification from apps you don’t want to see; Unicode-9 Emoji; And the best part – Virtual Reality!

6. VR

– Virtual Reality comes to Android N & Google has named it DayDream that will focus on High Quality VR on Android Smartphones. The 4 major components are below:

Smartphones – The smartphones that will support VR will be called as Day Dream Ready Smartphones. The Specs of these smartphones will be: High Performance Sensors with accurate head tracking; Display should be such that the blur effect is minimized; Extremely Low Latency (upto 20ms); VR System UI. Brands that are working on this are: Asus, LG, Samsung, MI & more.VR Headsets – The design is under process, focus is on to make it comfortable to wear. Controllers – Will have orientation sensors with a touchpad to scroll or swipe.Apps – A separate Google Play for VR. Everytime u login to this, you see the VR Apps that you have used previously and other suggestions. Google Play Movies for VR; Google Street View App in VR so that you can visit the street without even going there; Google VR Photos to relive the moments, VR Youtube app for VR Videos

7. Android Wear 2.0

– Google announced the next Gen Android Wear this time around with features like:

Smart ReplyHandwriting ExperienceNew KeyboardFitness Experience- Automatic Activity RecognitionMusic via apps like Spotify even when your Phone is Off.Standalone Apps

8. Instant Apps

– Soon we won’t be required to download or install an app. We can stream it & use it. Simple! Only the screen that’s loaded in front is downloaded. Truly, Another Amazing Feature!

9. Firebase

– A tool to develop, test & Analyze Apps. A powerful tool with features like Dynamic Links (Reducing the no. of clicks for a completion of a process); Analytics that gives you Firebase Crash Reporting, Firebase Remote Config, Cloud Messaging, Notifications. All this is unlimited & for Free. This will enhance user experience way beyond Imagination.

That’s it. So, Google is looking to work more & more on Mobile First Users, using AI & analyzing the intent of the users.

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