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Many a times we find ourselves in extremely difficult situations and eventually we start losing hope. Some things directly tend to hurt us as they don’t go the way we planned them and following our human nature we end up blaming God and cursing the almighty for every problem in our life. So should we conclude that God is that cruel! There can be different aspects as per different people. But I am pretty sure that most of us would answer “No”, even I will, because somewhere we all realize all the goods that have happened to us and count our blessings.

I believe everything happens for a reason. So the reason that the things are not going the way we planned them and we are not getting what we are striving for, might be that God has some better plans for us. Even if you take a look at your past experiences you might find the same to be true.

God has better plans - Entwined Allusions

The picture above explains my ideology in a beautiful manner.

The little girl fears giving her teddy bear as she really loves it and thus she cries and is reluctant to give it to the God’s messenger. She is unaware of the fact that in return God is planning to give her a bigger teddy bear. Now in actual life we behave like that little girl. We many a times run in the direction whose destination point is not actually meant for us. We cry over a lost opportunity or a plan that doesn’t works according to us. Who knows what God is holding for us? What if he has better plans than the ones you are longing for?

God has better plans - Entwined Alluions

I am not saying that we shouldn’t be sad or should not cry. These are emotions that are not really under our control. But we should try to believe that what’s happening is happening for something good.

Believe that God has better plans; I agree this won’t lessen your problems, but it will surely provide a sense of relief, a reason to smile and endless hope for something good to happen.

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