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Rafael Nadal, “The King of Clay”, has always been at the top of his game. Only thing that gets back to him time and again is his knee injuries. The World No. 1 has always given a tough fight be it on the court (to his opponents) or off the court (to his injuries).

One of the things that I have learnt from Rafa is to give your shot till the last moment. Many a times he even falls down on the court only to put the ball back in opponent’s court once more… And I have seen him winning that bout most of the times.

He knows that he is susceptible to knee injuries, he knows that he can let the ball go but he doesn’t. He will put it back one more time just to make sure he has done his part correctly, not thinking much about even the next shot. For him every shot counts! Despite knowing the fact that going to the extreme end of the court to play the shot, he won’t be able to return for the next one, but that doesn’t makes a difference in his attitude for the shot. He believes that he can wrap up the bout with that very shot. That’s the difference between a player and a legend of the Game is.

So, all you need to do is stick to what you are doing and do it ONE MORE TIME to make it big!

You take cricket for example, we see Virat Kohli practising, working out day in and day out. It’s not that he walks to the park and scores a 100 every 5 innings that he plays. There is a lot of hard work, determination and discipline that goes in the background.

Virat Kohli Practicing

It is the intent and focus of these greats of their respective sports that separates them from the rest.

Learn hard, Practice harder and give your best shot on a daily basis and you will approach closer and closer to your target!


Video Courtesy: TENNIS TV, Image Credits: AZ Quotes, One India

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