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Once man realized the importance of giving his ideas, thoughts, beliefs a tangible form, he resorted to engraving them on the stones… Followed by the papyrus, parchment, palm leaves and vellum.
Stones although could stand the test of time but were very hard to write upon whereas papyrus, parchment, palm leaves and vellum were easy to write on, but were extremely fragile and only available in specific areas. Then came paper which was easy to produce everywhere as its main constituent is wood.

But common views that paper was the culmination of reading material, for it was easy on the eyes, was easy to store, etc., were proven wrong when Amazon came up with an e-reader in 2007.

Now many mistake e-readers for simple tablets which are used for reading and even believe they are just as bad for eyes just as reading on a LCD screen. But this isn’t true, in fact you would be surprised to know that they use the same ink that is used on normal paper; basic difference being that ink of e-readers are electronically programmable so can be made to align in desired orientations generating any given text.

E-readers have all the benefits of a book and many added ones too for example you can store a thousand books in that with no need of allocating a separate space to them. They are easy on the eyes and relatively much lighter than even paperbacks. The latest models of e-readers also include front-lit displays which make reading possible even in dark. Books can be instantly bought and downloaded on e-readers thorough built in Wi-Fi or 3G connection in some e-readers, so you never have to wait for reading the book again.

E-readers have some disadvantages too. Namely, just like any other electronic device they need to be charged regularly whereas there is no such hassle with a typical book. Also it is needless to say that it requires same precautions while using any other portable electronic device like a tablet or a smart phone.

Given the benefits of e-readers, we are pretty sure that in a decade or so they will more or less take the place of customary paper books. But to popularize their product the e-reader manufacturers should bring the price within the reach of middle class people, i.e., around the 100$ mark. Now there are many contradictions to this thought as many say that the feel of paper books cannot be replaced by digital books but as far as we are concerned, it’s a matter of personal choice.e-readers

All pros and cons in mind e-readers are the future of reading and successor of paper books.

So, all you bibliophiles should immediately get your hands on an e-reader!

Presently there are many e-readers present in the market like the Kobo Glo, Amazon Kindle, Sony e-reader, Barnes and Noble Nook.

P.S: And for the ones who care for the environment, it saves trees… 😉

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