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We all love our friends and family and believe this love will always remain unaffected. But, unfortunately this doesn’t happens these days. It is a part of human nature that we tend to change our priorities with time. And thus, we start prioritizing power, money and success over our family and friends.

Our parents always stand by us. They know what their child has gone through even if they haven’t seen it. They readily sacrifice all their needs to accomplish ours. From our education to every little need of ours, they try and provide us the best of everything. Family is not an important thing, it’s simply everything. Similarly, our friends stand by us, support us and help us in every possible way in the hour of need. Everything goes smooth till our professional life starts, when we start over-ruling our heart by our mind.

Here money and the endless desire for it becomes the root of all evils and start playing its game. We start measuring everything in terms of money. Why we forget that “Money is an implement for life, not the meaning of life”? Money facilitates you to buy things for a luxurious and happy life. You can’t deny from the fact that we can buy a house with money, not a home. It’s your emotions, your love that turns a house into a home.

In the race of getting more, we forget the worth of the most important things in our lives. Guys, the most valuable things in life, just can’t be bought…

Friends n Family- the roots of life

Friends n Family- The roots of life!

It’s good to move forward to gather new experiences in life. But make sure that you don’t move too far and too fast; leaving behind the people who were always there with you, the ones for whom you hunted to earn good, the ones without whom every celebration is incomplete and the ones without whom rest everything has no meaning. Make sure you don’t lose gems, while you are too busy collecting stones! Life never waits for you. So try and capture every possible moment with them and celebrate life, as you will miss them when they are no longer with you.

Never forget, “Success, money and power are fruits of life and friends and family are roots of life”.

Love your family and friends. Stand by them always. During tough times in life when you will be questioned by many; you will find some people who remain unchanged. They are your real strength, your real wealth. So, whatever happens in life, you turn to be successful or remain a mediocre, never let them go away from you. They make your life worth living…



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