Fly Free! Fly High!

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Life itself is the best opportunity! One should make the best use of it! One must fly free, fly high!

These days we tend to disregard our talents and capabilities. Sometimes it is not valued by others, sometimes it is not valued by our own self. We restrict ourselves in this acquainted world. We rank other’s opinions higher than ours. We tend to say it to ourselves “what will the people will think?” Seriously? How can the people, who nowhere matter to us, who will never be there to stand for us, who will keep changing their words as per situations, affect our decisions?

Our life is the reflection of our choices. Become who you are, not what people want you to! Give yourself the freedom to make choices independently and leave a trail. Be a trendsetter! Lead by an example! Whole word is your arena. Go play hard! Play like you will never get another chance. Give your hundred percent. Work as much hard as you can. Go fly high, dream big! Accomplish your dreams, live them the fullest.

Breathe deep, Fly high!

Breathe deep, Fly high!

Let your dreams, your determination, your passion and attitude be your wings! Go fly! Fly free! Fly high! Find your horizon, your destination in life, the place where you really belong. Live a life of “oh well” not a life of “I wish”! Its a million time better to look back in life, say “oh! I can’t believe, I did that” rather than saying “I wish I would have”. Don’t run behind the success we hear about daily, rather create your own definition of it and then achieve it. Let your vision be an ideal for rest of the human race.

Life is the best opportunity, but a one time opportunity. Always remember the more you will fall, the more you will grow! Live your life on your own conditions! Don’t forget to live your life in the run chase of your desires. Make a life for yourself, in which every morning you can find a better version of yours than once you were in past. Realize how blessed you are!

 Fly free, fly high!


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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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