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Time is a very precious thing, we all know that. But why is it so, that we spend most of our time just on urgent things than spending time on important things?

The thing is that we have engrossed ourselves so much in our work routines that we don’t have time for our near and dear ones.  We all wish to earn all comforts of life for our families then why in earning all these luxuries we somewhere forget our near and dear ones?

Ask yourself how many times since a year you have gone for an outing with your family! How many times you all have sat together on the dining table to have a meal this week! Leave all this just ask yourself that how many times you have gave a good night kiss to your children or hugged them in the morning when they are up from the bed! Many parents have complaints that a gap is being developed between them and their kids, but ask your own self why is it so? Aren’t you the reason for it?

make time

It’s not like we don’t have time, it’s just that we have messed it up. We have just limited ourselves under business meetings, social gatherings, important calls and so on. After working hard for a week we want to spend our weekend sleeping.

The thing is that we have mixed up both our personal and professional life. We come home and still keep on thinking about the official work. Then we attend official calls even after hours of work. Your professional life is not your whole life! So when you are home forget that all and be with your family. Ask your kids about their day, play games, tease each other and go out for outings. Because the more you will be with them, the better you will understand them.

Most wonderful moments of life

These small, small little moments form beautiful memories in the future. And believe me nothing can match these priceless moments of life, actually life is all about these special moments!






















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