Express, not Impress!

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Make a list of all the things you did today. And then tick the ones you did just do to merely impress others. You will get to know what you really value, expression or impression?

I would love a hundred times more to express rather than to impress others. The simple thing is why should I change the real me and pretend to be someone else, just to impress the people. Why I have to hide my real emotions?

We pay great value to impress others. Even when we don’t like something, we pretend to like it. We behave like we are happy, even when we are sad. We wear clothes which are of the newest trend not what we are comfortable in. A girl turns down her wish of wearing shoes just because other girls will be wearing high heels, after all she has to look the most beautiful.  Even when we don’t agree to a point, we don’t express what we feel, just because of the thought “that what will others say!”

Express, not Impress!

Express, not Impress!

Give yourself the freedom to say what you really feel. It’s really ok to say “NO” when you feel like. Don’t restrict yourself to what others feel. Do what you want to not what others want you to. It’s ok to stand apart. Even if you don’t turn out to be a moon, you will surely be a twinkling star. Say what you don’t like, even if you don’t you can’t make everyone happy. Speak what you feel like. Cry if you want to, it’s fine.

We have one life and we are here to express what we feel, not to impress others. We are here to be what we are, not to be the one people want us. Be yourself. You are an individual, so be one.

Just be, what you are! Express, not impress!


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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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