Excel, not Compete!

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Before presenting my viewpoint on this particular topic I would love to share with you what actually made me write on this specific topic. A few days ago, the Rangoon star, and the heartthrob of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor was interviewed. I have always been keen to read his interviews as his answers and viewpoint towards situations act as a source of motivation to me. Coming to this particular interview, he was asked a question relating to how he sees success now. To which he beautifully answered: “I seek excellence. I hope I achieve it once in a while. Am I chasing success? One is a byproduct. You can’t chase success because it is like chasing a mirage. That has been my learning. I have seen enough success and failure to understand that it will come when it has to come. When it comes nobody can stop it, and if it is not supposed to come then nobody can make it happen. So focus and enjoy the process.” (as quoted by India Today).

Excel, not Compete - by Dhairya Bagga | Entwined Allusions

I agree we live in a highly competitive world. But the matter of concern is we are highly affected by this competition. Our decisions, ours steps are more influenced by this competitive threat than what we actually want to do or what we believe in doing. The step of our competitors acts as a guiding principle for our future steps. And this is really sad!

We no more focus on gaining excellence, we just run for success. We are so much into this competition thing that in a way we have limited our own scope. Why don’t we do things the way we want to do them? Why are we not retaining our individuality in this competitive era?

Excel, not Compete! - by Dhairya Bagga | Entwined Allusions

Shahid rightly said that success is a mirage. Each one of us has different definition of success. But what is common for us is excellence, and it has no end.  So one should aim at learning, at seeking excellence and ultimately you’ll find your version of success. Focus on excelling, focus on being the best, and don’t let the competition around you influence you to change yourself and your beliefs in any way.




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