Everything happens for a reason…

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Throughout our lives we come across many strange incidents and most of the time we name them co-incidences. But for me there is nothing like co-incidence. I don’t really believe in co-incidences and rather believe everything happens for a reason. Look for answers to every question of yours, you will find the answer around you.

 Many a times we don’t really get what we wish for, and as a result we feel broken and disheartened. We tend to blame situations, respective authorities and even god. What I feel is that, whenever we don’t get what we want, and all things seem to go opposite and bring unwanted results, these all our signs that, what we wish for might not be meant for us, we might deserve something even better.

I strongly believe everything is pre-planned. We are just the puppets of a show called life, scripted by the almighty. When things really happen, we are unable to understand them. As per my experience, whenever I have given it a fair try, even when things appeared most disorganized they tend to fall in place automatically. This doesn’t means I have got whatever I have wished for. Many a times I have lost my most wanted desires, but when I know I can’t change it, I won’t waste my time repenting for it. Recently, I wished for something, but couldn’t get it. Actually I wanted it from the bottom of my heart. Whenever I think about it, I feel a bit sad, but I will give it a try next time. And you never know I might get it!  You might find me contradicting to my own words. Once I say that everything happens for a reason and on the other hand I deliberate on keep trying!

Everything happens for a reason...

Everything happens for a reason…

You never know, what god has planned for you. But believe me, he is has plans ready for you. When things really happen, we are unable to understand them. Take a look at the past, you will find it on your own, how things which appeared nowhere possible actually came true. Some things should be entirely left on God and time, when they are no more in your control and walk on the path they drive you to!

Doesn’t matters how things tend to change, but they drive you to your individual path. And it’s really the best. Believe in signs, your instincts always guide you right. And whenever you will find what you want or a way towards it or simply the way for you, your heart will tell you!



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