Everyday is a Second Chance!

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Every day we get up and we already have our plans ready for the day. Also before sleeping many thoughts run in our minds, some regrets about the lost opportunities, the dreams that no more seem impossible, the dreams we still hold, the targets we want to set and lots more! And thus we desire a second chance.

But the next day we lose the energy, those vibes we feel the previous night. We all cry that life doesn’t comes up with second chances. But think yourself isn’t every morning a second chance, isn’t each day a second chance by itself?

Each and every day is a second chance…

I believe each morning is a new beginning; each and every day is a second chance to do all that we couldn’t the previous day, a second chance to correct all the mistakes we made yesterday. Each day is a second chance to take up a lost opportunity, to live our dreams and even to set some more. Every day comes up with an opportunity to apologize for the mistakes you made and even correct some.

I really wonder, whether anyone else (other than our life and the almighty) gives us so many second chances! And still we cry for more! Ohh human nature!!!

Make the most of this second chance!
“Every morning we are born again. What we do today matters the most.” – Buddha.

The beautiful saying above expresses my ideology even better. Every morning we are born again so forget all the sadness that prevailed over you yesterday, forget all the disappointments and move on with the new energy each day comes up with. What you do today, is what will matter the most. Whether you’ll step ahead towards your goal or take a step back is totally up to you. What has happened has happened and you can’t change it by continuously longing for it. What you can do is step ahead and make the most of this day, that life has gifted you.

As it is said “Don’t count the days rather make the day days count”.



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