Dust Thou Art, To Dust Returnest

Philosophy 21 1617

“Whatever belongs to you today, belonged to someone else earlier and would belong to someone else tomorrow.”

We tend to get attached to worldly goods like money, cars, clothes etc., but we forget that they are not our lives; they are a ‘part’ of our lives. We fail to recognize that money is of no worth if it is not exchanged for something, a car will break down one day or the other and there will be a day when our clothes will stop fitting us or will be out of fashion. All these worldly things will end one day or the other (just like us), so why should one invest one’s energy and waste one’s love behind them. One should think of the good in the longer run. We have built our thinking in a way like, ” If I bought the bread and I spent my money on it, then why should I give it to the birds?” The answer to this question is “If you don’t consume it, it will eventually get spoiled and on the other hand it fetches you satisfaction to feed the birds.” We have got surrounded by this “I” and “Me”. Are we going to take any of the money, clothes, cars, and bungalows with us when we die. No…. Its the good or bad that we do, goes with us… Our Karma goes with us.

Now, all this doesn’t point that you should leave your studies and jobs and just get into the worshiping of the Lord. We should study and work and use it in a good way… Bring smiles to other’s lives as well. Don’t love the materialistic things to such extent that we start cheating others… Don’t be jealous of what one has and you don’t, as this jealousy would leave you to arrogance or even hatred. We all are his creations… Will a father or a mother feel happy that his/her children are hating each other?? Rise above hate… Rise above the love for materialistic things.


dust is what you are made of and return to

“You are dust, and to dust you shall return”

These words come from scripture, actually. They occur after The Fall when God is explaining to Adam one of the main consequences of his Original Sin– separation from God and mortality. God reminds Adam that his body is dust, and (now that you have fallen) to dust it shall return.

Yes, we are dust. Now do we spend our lives chasing more dust? Or are we chasing the one thing that can truly make an eternal difference??

All power, might, civilizations crumble down and get destroyed with the ravages of time. Man is insignificant and powerless in the hands of time which nullifies everything.

“Dust Thou Art, To Dust Returnest”

One shouldn’t get attached to this materialistic world created by the almighty. We all are his creations… so we shouldn’t be arrogant to each other. He didn’t create religions… nor did he make categorical divisions that we call as reservations in the modern day… We are all equals rich or poor, black or white.

We all have a unique quality and we should make use of it in trying to beautify the world.

Just remembered these lines from a song while writing this article. No better lines could have concluded it better.

Kyun judtaa iss jahaan se tu
Ik din ye guzar hi jayega,
Kitna bhi samet le yahaan
Mutthi se phisal hi jayega.
Har shaqs hai dhool se bana
Aur phir usme hi jaa mila,
Yeh haqiqat hai tu jaan le
Kyun sach se muh hai pherta.

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