Despicable yet Desirable: ANTIHEROES

Philosophy 6 196

               “Evil depends on where you’re standing”

                                                                                                                                                 –Veronica RothInsurgent


Antiheroes are….. well, the protagonists who have horns on their heads instead of halos. We might loath their motivations ,means and desires but that doesn’t, even by the slightest stop us from rooting for them. And its not just most face-time they enjoy that instigates us somewhere deep within wishing for their success but it’s their magnetic persona and unflinching rapacity.

The fact that these characters are unconventional in their sense of morality and ethics are not the only reasons that makes them different but this difference can also be attributed to the complexity of their psyche. They more often than not take heinous paths to substantiate their self-righteous and self-serving motives.

BUT, does all this truly make them repugnant?

There are two plausible ways of answering this question. One being by simply bracketing things into black and white hence saying, “Yes, they are despicable and abhorrent.”

Other requires more intricate approach for the insightful understands that everything can’t be insulated in the realms of pure good and evil. There is always the unjustified territory that only depends on the perceptions of the observer. That ‘GREY’ is precisely the area where the justification of these ANTIHEROES lays.

PS: According to my personal view the character sketches of conventional heroes are over-simplified and however despicable, detestable, reprehensible these antihero characters might be, but in true sense they are the ones representing the true complexity of human nature.

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