Delhi Elections- Exit Polls in favor of AAP

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Delhi Assembly Elections held today saw a greater turn-out of delhiites from last Assembly Elections held in 2013. According to reports, the voter turnout was 67.08% i.e., approx 1% more than last time. Reason seems to be the rejuvenated interest of Delhi’s youth in politics (thanks to Arvind Kejriwal and AAP).

Delhi Elections, Voters in long lines

Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is likely to get a clear majority and form the next government in Delhi according to the exit polls conducted by major news organisation.

All exit polls are predicting that AAP will easily cross the halfway mark of 35 in the 70-member Delhi Assembly, voting for which took place today.

The upstart AAP appeared headed for a victory in state elections in the national capital of Delhi, according to exit polls. If the polls prove to be correct, the results would be a major setback for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, which is expected to come in a close second.

An exit poll released on ABP News, an Indian news channel, suggested that AAP would win 39 of 70 seats in Delhi’s legislative assembly, giving it the majority it needs to form a government on its own, followed by the BJP with 28 seats.

Another poll, conducted by News Nation, also shows that Kejriwal’s party has a clear lead over the BJP. The AAP is poised to get 39-43 seats and the BJP quite far behind with 25-29 seats, the survey shows. The Congress is likely to end up with 1-3 seats. The News Nation poll gives the AAP the highest vote-share of 47% followed by BJP with 39% and Congress with 11%.

Times Now which also conducted the exit poll with C Voter, too, has given the edge to AAP with 31-39 seats and 42 per cent votes. BJP will end second with 27-35 seats and 40 per cent votes and Congress will end up with just 11 per cent of the vote share which may fetch only 2-4 seats to the party.

All polls suggested the Congress party, which governed Delhi for 15 years before the 2013 elections, would come in a distant third, winning not more than 4 of 70 seats.

Delhi elections- AAP on the way to victory

An outright victory for the AAP would cast a shadow on the BJP’s months-long winning spree and dent Mr. Modi’s image as a larger-than-life, popular leader. Since national elections in May last year, in which the party won a historic majority in the lower house of India’s Parliament, the BJP has dominated a series of state elections. Despite the pressures of his office, Mr. Modi has himself led his party’s election rallies, projecting himself as its star campaigner.

After a long period of 11 months President’s rule in Delhi, all eyes are on the Result day now i.e., 10th Feb., 2015.

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