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We all love to get complements but hate facing criticism. And this is justified to a great extent. But you will be shocked to know that criticism is a better teacher than the compliments and praises, you love to hear.

Do you know why?

The simple reason is that we pay more attention to the things that hurt us, we have a tendency to look the darker side. We feel hurt of criticism we face. Yes, of course this is hurting and in a way humiliating sometimes. Then to prove the critic wrong we tend to give our all and get the best. And during this journey we realize the parts we were wrong at! On the other side if we get good compliments and praises for a thing, we tend to be happy and sometimes this goes to our head. Someone has rightly said, “Stand with your feet on the ground, eyes on your goal and morale as high as the sky“. On achieving praises we narrow the chances of thinking about further improvements and move ahead. Now you only decide, which one is better, Criticism or Compliment…

Not every crictic is a hater

Criticism As A Teacher-

Note my words, friend, throughout your life what failures, mistakes and criticism can teach, even the biggest accomplishments can’t and success can never be achieved without all these. So every time you face any of these, rather than repenting and being hurt, work over them because something big is really waiting for you the other side!

Don't be hurt by criticism,  work over your mistakes!

Don’t be hurt by criticism, work over your mistakes!

But this nowhere means that you have to take every criticism to your heart. Many are worth ignoring. But you have to learn to differ between the two, because you know yourself better than anyone else. If your heart really directs that you are right, then there’s no need to prove anyone anything and change yourself for them.

So, learn from all the negatives in your life, and cast them all to bring the biggest positives of your life…


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