Corporal punishment: Is it indispensable?

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One day my friend expressed his views on how essential corporal punishment is in schools and how the legislations against this have contributed to the students going rowdy!!

So, this is for all those who are in the favor of corporal punishment.

Now, all of us have been subjected to some or the other kind of physical punishment by our teachers at school; be it in form of a slap or being made to stand for long hours.

corporal punishment
And it was all supposedly to make us realize our mistakes.
Mistakes which are as trivial as not doing homework or coming to school late (though they are serious offenses in the eyes of disciplinarians)
And needless to point out that many a times teachers use students as punching bags to relieve themselves of their personal stress. We have many a times read stories of how brutal the teachers can be.
And we were made to believe that all this is done in good faith and for our own benefit.

But today, I want to ask were these the only methods of making a child realize that he/she is wrong, is violence the only way to do that?
It certainly is not!!
All these ‘tried and tested’ methods manage to teach a child is that -anything can be solved by violence.
Teachers unwittingly instill the feeling in students that if they can get their way by invoking fear in them they can also get their way by doing the same. This same seed grows into a tree of obsessive instinct in the child, and results in acts of unprovoked violence!
So answer me this is the student to be truly blamed for this?

There a lot other ways of inculcating the importance of discipline in a child like narration of interactive anecdotes to them which help them realize the importance of non-violence and other such virtues, showing them inspirational movies, to name a few!!

I once asked my English teacher in 3rd standard why she was slaps kids whenever they forget to bring their English books and she answered Me with a very cliche line “look son, just like a potter has to beat his clay pots to tinker out the anomalies same way I teacher needs to be harsh in order to discipline students”
I could not answer her back then but now I realize the basic flow in that rationale.
If a pot while being beaten breaks it can be easily mended or even discarded but a physiologically tormented human being cannot!!

PS: The purpose of this article is not in any way to demean the contribution of teacher to the society and their hand in the spotting and fine tuning of a child’s potential but to highlight the negatives of physical abuse.
I request all the readers to take it in good spirit!!


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