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In life we are often faced by the time when we just don’t know which path to follow, which choice to make. We are confused about what is that we want, what is that would be right for us. Though only you can figure that out, but sometimes it takes a little motivation to do so. A little motivation to help us make the choice.

We all have faced such choices, like which stream to choose in school, which college to go to, whether to study more or to work, etc. Some of us know what is that we want and simply reach for it; the path they want has already been decided by them. But some simply don’t have any idea.

I come in the latter, and that is why I think I understand how difficult it can be when it comes to making a choice. How do you choose when you don’t know what you want or what would be better or what would make you happy? Here are a few things I think will help someone facing such a dilemma.

First and foremost, stay calm. If you lose your temper or become nervous or start thinking too much you will never be able to make the correct choice, never. So always stay in your Zen mode, peaceful. Try taking deep breaths, seriously it helps. And remember anything is possible; your fears should not be stopping you from making choice you really want.

Choice-Path To Follow

Second, think about the choices you have. If you have a lot of them narrow them down. Use the help of resources available or people who know about you or the choice you are about to make. Figure out what is that interests you the most.  Once you narrow down your choices, think what would happen if you choose it. But don’t think too much, thinking too much only increases your confusion.

Third, take advice of people who are close to you and people who have made such choices. Internet is also an extremely helpful resource. And now narrow down choices to two or three.

Finally, visualize how each choice will affect your life and ask yourself a few questions:

Do you like it?
Does it make you happy?
Does it interest you?
Do you see yourself having a future you would live?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then that is the path you should choose.

Remember, your choices are yours to make. It is your life, you should be one making decisions for it. You need to believe in yourself. Just have faith in yourself, and you can achieve anything.


Here’s a poem I wrote, hope it inspires:


Sometimes we wish we know what’s wrong.

We do care but we don’t show.

We live life behind a curtain, which ain’t open to all.


Sometimes we wish what we could be,

A movie star or a fashion queen.

We don’t know what path to follow, but we know we have the will.


We can be all we want to be,

We can throw all the thorns.

We just need to know what’s wrong

And we’ll find the right path.


We know who we are,

We can go touch the stars.

We just need to know we care

And we’ll find the right path.

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