Carlsen face off against Karjakin on his birthday


Magnus Carlsen, the modern era Chess Grandmaster face off against Sergey Karjakin World’s youngest Grandmaster in a tie breaker at World Chess Championship on his 26th birthday today. On Wednesday November 30th, they’ll play a series of “blitz” games, each with a declining time limit. If those result in draws, a month’s worth of effort will end in “Armageddon” – white is given five minutes, black only four, with a draw counting as a win for black.

Carlsen is the highest-rated player of all time. Since winning the title from Vishwanathan Anand in 2013, he has dominated a sport that for a half-century had one Russian or Soviet champion after another, broken only briefly by the American Bobby Fischer in 1972. Like Mr. Fischer, who created a boom in chess in the United States, Mr. Carlsen has star power that seems to transcend the game. He is a huge celebrity in his native Norway.

Magnus Carlsen Face off against Karjakin on his 26th birthday - Entwined Allusions

Magnus Carlsen Face off against Karjakin on his 26th birthday.

In the World Chess Championship 2016, so far both players have performed brilliantly, with almost no false steps. Through 12 games, each player has managed just one win, with 10 games ending in draws.

On Wednesday they will start with four rapid games, in which each player has 25 minutes to complete his moves. If the players are still tied after four games, the next round will consist of up to five two-game blitz matches, in which each player has five minutes to complete his moves.

Should each of these two-game matches end in a draw, the players will go to a sudden-death game, in which the player with the black pieces will have only four minutes to complete his moves. If that game ends in a draw, the player who has black will be the world champion.

Carlsen, besides being the top-rated traditional chess player, is rated No. 1 in Rapid and No. 2 in Blitz. Karjakin is rated 11th in blitz. This is probably for the first time in years that someone has stood up to Carlsen & taken him so

Though I’m someone who goes with the Underdog but this time, I’m surely backing Carlsen to win this. For live matches, please follow: World Chess Championship – Carlsen Vs Karjakin.

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