Brother-Sister Relationship is something special!

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Brother-Sister relationship is the most pious relationship of all. This relationship doesn’t involves selfishness but teaches sharing; sharing of literally everything, let it be books, bags, chocolates and even the same feelings.

Having a brother or a sister is a true blessing!

Brothers and sisters play several roles whether it is being a guide, a friend, a teacher, a lucky charm or just being themselves. They are the last resort to each and every problem and they always come up with a solution to help you out.

MY sister taught me sharing...

MY sister taught me sharing…

No matter how much hard we fight but we love each other and that is an undeniable fact. That’s why this relationship resembles me to the “Tom & Jerry” relationship. We fight, we knock down each other, we tease each other, we literally irritate each other but we can’t live without each other. We tend to understand each other so well that we don’t even need to say our desires. It’s funny how some things just click both of us at the same moment and we see each other and a wide smile comes on our face. Sharing the same packet of chips and fighting for the last bite is so much fun than eating from separate packets. It does sound funny but it’s true.

We compromise, we adjust to make each other comfortable. Each other’s happiness is all that matters. We stand for each other no matter if no one else in the world is by our side. It is so magical when a mere hug erases all problems, just a sight of each other provides enormous strength. One another’s achievements don’t lead to competition, but make the other so proud.

It is so very true that no one else can understand us so well. Believe me, if you have a brother/sister you are lucky, you are blessed!

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