The beginning of a new era: Virat Kohli to lead team India

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We have had plenty of talks in the recent past about Virat Kohli as an aggressor. Yes, he is aggressive, flamboyant but there’s nothing wrong in it. He is outspoken at times but does back it up with his performance on the field.

With the retirement of India’s best Test captain (so far) from Test Cricket, Social media got flooded with talks of dispute between Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, Dhoni not liking Ravi Shastri’s interference with team, and much more. The point that stood out for me was people doubting Virat’s ability as a Test captain…

Critics always have a part to play and so was the case in this situation. But how can they forget that Virat Kohli has been saying from the very beginning of the all important tour of Australia, that “We are going to be aggressive, We are going to go for the target, whatever may it be.” Personally speaking, that’s the first positive thing we have heard from Team India after 18 long months of struggling cricket outside Asia. And he just didn’t say those words for being in the news, but backed them up in Adelaide, where India went for the chase, unafraid of a loss, not playing for a Draw, but a Win and ended up just a mere 48 runs short. That sealed the fate of Virat Kohli as Test Captain.

We have been to South Africa, New Zealand, England and just got bad results in our favor everywhere. I’m NOT saying that we played bad cricket or it’s something to do with bad captaincy, Dhoni has been a revelation himself, but perhaps it’s time that we turn things around. We have always been found guilty of playing defensive cricket, going to save the match, not clinching the victory out of it. Let’s change the approach we play our cricket, we are anyways going down as a test cricket team, let’s see what Virat Kohli can offer with his aggression and positive intent towards the game.Virat Kohli

We saw the effects of words and cricket played by India throughout this series in the last match, when the Aussie Captain Steve Smith said that they wanted to declare only after getting sure that India can’t go for the chase.. That’s a huge victory over mind that let India draw a match. Aussies have always played their game hard; we saw them going defensive for the first time.

Now, Virat being the captain in the last match with India down-under, expect a good heated game of cricket with lot to play for.

We saw the rise of Virat Kohli as test player when we visited Australia last time, this time let’s hope we see the rise of team India, the rise of Virat Kohli as a test captain, the beginning of a new era…


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