Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye

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“Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye.”



Beauty has a different definition for every individual. Some find the physical appearance of a person beautiful, while some prefer to see the beauty in one’s soul. To me beauty is not only something I find visually appealing, but is more than meets the eye.

Inner beauty matters

There was a story I read in which a boy described his grandmother as “Beautiful, but not pretty.” For me that was the moment when I first understood what beauty was.

I believe that no matter how pretty you look from outside, it means nothing if you have an ugly soul. A person grows old and with time their looks tend fade, but beauty just increases. A pure heart is what is loved, not just a pretty face.

There are a lot of people who call themselves beautiful just on the basis of their good looks, and find others ugly. Now how can these people be beautiful if they can’t even see beauty in others? Judging people just on the basis of looks doesn’t define who they are; it just defines who you are.

Inner beauty shines

Inner beauty is what shines out. Person who has inner beauty has inner peace; these are people like Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, and Nelson Mandela. They are the people who had compassion, were willing to sacrifice their lives for the good of others and that is why they are remembered.

Even in our daily life we find people who are ready to lend a hand to others, and appreciate them for that. Kindness, love, respect, helpfulness, compassion are all the signs of inner beauty, and believe me when I say it, this is all one tries to find in a friend, lover and all other people.

“Beautiful people are not always good,

but good people are always beautiful.”

Real beauty is the inner beauty which is lost in this social world

Remember, everyone is beautiful the way they are, because everyone has a chance to be better. The kinder you act the beautiful you become.

“Beauty is being the best

possible version of yourself,

on the inside and out.”

In the end, to all of you who have forgotten it, let me remind you “you’re beautiful”. 🙂

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