Animals deserve your love, not brutality

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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

                                                                                                                                            -Anatole France


Of all the things in the world, every single human is always on a lookout to find love, unconditional love. So, let me share a small instance with all of you today:

One day a man asked a little boy: “What is love?”

Boy replied: “Love is when a puppy licks your face, even after you left him alone for a whole day.”

Animals are loyal, true in their affection and full of unconditional love. We have a good or a bad day in the office, we succeed or we fail, we get the same love and attention from our pets. We can find a faithful friend in an animal, which no matter what would love us, would be grateful to us, would hold no grudges, would not discriminate and would expect nothing but love from us in return.

Surely, we all have heard about it a lot, the reason I wanted to write is because many people are dedicated to hurting them.

People often forget that animals are also living beings; they too have souls like us. Many people throw sticks and stones at animals just because they are standing there, not that any of those animals are hurting them. If a human would have been stalking even taunting them, those same people wouldn’t have even thought of acting the way they do with animals.

“I respect animals more than people – We’re the ones messing up this world, not them.”

I understand the fact that not all people can love animals, but one can at least show them some compassion. I do not expect everyone to adopt one animal, or to start working at a NGO. All I request is for people to treat animals as living beings, just because they can’t speak doesn’t mean they can’t feel. There are thousands of lonely animals, and a million ways you can help them. One can give water to them in the scorching summers, or food that we often throw as leftovers.

“Animals have hearts that feel, eyes that see, and families to care for, just like you and me.”

        -Anthony Douglas Williams

Animals- true friends to have

No animal ever kills other for sport, but for necessity. Man is the only creature who finds death and torture to others, amusing.  Weird part of our illogical behavior is that we help a person when they meet accidents roadside, but most of us don’t bother to help animals, when they go through the same. So, I would request all to help animals as well besides keeping the humanity in you alive.

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