Amazon – The Most Downloaded Retail App in India

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Amazon app is now the most downloaded retail app in India for a consecutive 4th month now. The data includes downloads on both Google Play Store and Apple app store. Amazon trumped Flipkart, which has been its primary rival in the past. Among the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store, it rates at 11th spot while Flipkart is on 16th.

Amazon Edging Past Its Rivals

Amazon emerged at the most visited retail site in India last year trumping its major rivals like Flipkart and Snapdeal. The gap in terms of web users between Amazon and Flipkart (2nd most visited retail site), has become more pronounced since.

According to analysts, the reason behind it becoming the most downloaded is probably is usability ease. The user interface of the app is very straight forward and simple, with easy payment checkout options.

 Amazon - The Most Downloaded Retail App in India - Entwined Allusions

A report recently calculated the combined mobile and web traffic on different websites globally. According to it Amazon India ranks at 128 worldwide among the top 300 websites. Flipkart is placed at 223 on this list. The score is calculated bases on the number of unique visitors and the number of page views. This is in order to verify the number of users (quantity) and the amount of time they spend of each page (to judge the quality of the site).

In the recent past, Flipkart has taken a step back from aggressive marketing while Amazon continue to pump its resources on advertising. Few reports indicate that it might also have surpassed Flipkart in the sales department too. The data, however, does not reveal any information on the value of total sales.

Now it is very interesting to note that despite being the top downloaded app, it is still behind Flipkart in terms of monthly active users. Users also spend less time on the app (6.2 minutes on average) than Flipkart (8.2 minutes on average).

But pertaining to the recent number of downloads, this number is sure to change and Amazon will sooner rather than later will surpass Flipkart in this department too.

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