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“No matter how successful you become… always remember the journey!” I have always believed in this statement. There are times when we work way too hard to achieve something and once succeeded we don’t value it much.

Giving up at any point of time in life is easy. And the best way to get yourself motivated, to get yourself up again and start running is to remember what all it took to reach the place you are today! Believe me this seriously works. Whenever I feel like quitting on anything, I just remember what all I did to get it, to achieve it and that gets me going.

Always remember your journey - Entwined Allusions

Mark my words friends, what your journey teaches you, your destination never can! I agree once you are successful you learn new things, but when you are struggling, it is then when you actually learn something daily and most importantly the realities of life.

Your journey contains your struggle, your willpower, your ambition, and the people who were there with you throughout your tough times, your failures and most importantly your thirst to be there where you are, that helped you get up and start again every time you failed and felt like giving up. Your journey acts as a guiding principle for various decisions you have to take at your work-space or even in your life.

Think why you started - Entwined Allusions

And one thing I would like to especially mention here is that never be ashamed of your journey, your struggle. Don’t forget those people who were there with you, constantly supporting you during the tough times. Rather acknowledge their support and presence in your life, be it you family or your special friends. No matter how tall the tree grows, it can’t survive without its roots, though it can survive without its fruits. Same is with us, here you are the tree and your family and friends are the roots and all the money, fame, success and power are the fruits. You can make it up even without these fruits, but you can’t survive without the roots.

So always remember your journey, cherish & fetch inspiration from it whenever you feel low, move ahead towards bigger ventures in your life. All the best!

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A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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