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Admiring others and wishing to be like them is a part of illogical human behavior. We never accept ourselves just the way we are. The dark wants to be fair, the fat wants to be slim, the poor wants to be rich, and the rich wants to be the richest… and the list is never ending.


A story to share:

When god created the human race, each with a different face, each with a different pace…

Initially, all were happy and everything was good. But, slowly and gradually the human beings started creating differences amongst themselves. Everyone wanted to be like the other. The dark wanted to be fair, the fat wanted to be slim. The poor wanted to be rich, the rich wanted to be the richest. The differently abled started feeling like disabled and cursed by their destiny. Soon the happiness turned into sorrow.

Then, came the Almighty on earth and asked the people about their problems and came up with a solution. He used his unmatched powers and made them all; the same, with the same face, the same pace and dissolved all their differences. The people turned joyful and thought; finally all their problems will soon come to an end. But what followed was totally contradictory. They lost their identity, their individuality. A total chaos was created on earth!

Afterward, god again came back on earth and told the people that he granted them what they wanted but still they are unsatisfied. The people begged down and asked god to make everything normal as before. They realized their mistake…


These days, we idealize supermodels, actors and actresses, sports-persons; every successful and good looking individuals and want to become just like them. There’s nothing wrong in improving the person you are. But to be like someone else, doesn’t make a good sense.


Why so much of dissatisfaction, disappointments around us???

May be because we don’t know who we really are. The day we recognize our eccentricity, our persona, it will be the beginning of a whole new story. And that is something; no other person can help us in. We have both the attributes in us; the good & the bad. And that is actually normal, as no one in this world is born perfect and no one dies faultless. But this doesn’t mean that we stop growing and improving.

Underestimating the person we are, hinders our self-confidence. Never underestimate three things in life-I, ME and MYSELF…”  Rest; Do whatever you want to do man! 😀

If you start accepting yourself just the way you are, you will end up finding absolute peace and bliss in your lives.

Remember friends,




We are specially created, specially designed… We shouldn’t underestimate our capabilities and not get bogged down by a few people that try to bully us… Everything that happens with us is pre-planned and best for us…We should stay positive and believe in our uniqueness. Always, accept yourself just the way you are!

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Dhairya Bagga

A Philosopher at heart, Realist at Mind and SEO Analyst by Profession!

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